Beginning with the coming academic year, at least one scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate who has labored for two semesters at the Diamondback and who pledges to continue to serve as a reporter or editor at the daily while receiving the scholarship, which is paid in increments each semester. While the scholarship is linked to service at the student newspaper, an applicant can offer writing samples from any media, in keeping with David’s wide-ranging love of both prose and screenwriting. And as David was a key voice in the de facto desegregation of the Diamondback, candidates who show a particular commitment to creating and nurturing diversity at the paper will be looked upon with special favor by the application committee, as will applicants whose writing raises a bit of hell in that way of which David would be proud. (“No, no, no,” he protested in one famous DBK Wall Quote, as he defended an op-ed column, “I’m just trying to be snide.”) The committee will be a rotating triad of one Diamondback alumnus, one University representative and one member of David’s extended family.

For more information on how to apply for the David E. Mills Memorial Scholarship, please contact:

Kelly Kesler