Dear Friends,

On March 30 of this year, we lost David Mills suddenly. I know, in writing to you, how startling and grievous his death felt to us at the time. And even today, months later, it still leaves all of us shocked at how quickly he departed and how much more this world needs David, his wit, his laughter and, indeed, his storytelling.

Those of us who loved him have thought long and hard about how to honor his memory, and it seems to me though I admit a certain bias that David was never happier than when he labored as a student journalist at the University of Maryland College Park.

Working at the Diamondback, the independent student-run daily, from 1980 to 1983, David found his love of storytelling, of writing as careful craft and of being, well, something of a provocateur. He found his voice at the Diamondback and in all of his journeys thereafter as a writer, it never left him.

David Simon

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